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Barren Wasteland

The fifth dungeon in the game, Barren Wasteland.

Barren Wasteland is the fifth stage in the game. It does not contain a boss.


A guy who wants you to help him kill a Gryphon is present in this dungeon.


Statues that shoot lion head-like projectiles and cacti can be found here. They damage both ally and foe alike.


Red Lizard - A lizard with blue stripes that shoots fireballs.
Blue Snake - A three-headed snake with fire elemental abilities. A red version of this monster exists.
Serpent Woman - A monster with the ability to fire homing projectiles.
Harpy - Shoots wind blades that go backwards.
Scorpion - Has an attack that causes Shock and Poison. Can dash.


Weapons that give +20 to stats can be found here.

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